About andreas.events

andreas.events (aantonop Events LLC) is about starting fresh. It’s about making crypto fun again.

We’re sick of the boring, corporate agenda driven ‘sponsor filled’ blockchain events that seem to be everywhere now and we think you are too. We wanted an escape. So we started thinking…

What if there was an event that wasn’t about the organizers making money but was actually about building the community – physically and financially. What if there was an event that wasn’t all about price and how to get rich but was focused fun and entertainment. And what if this event “walked the talk”, what if it demonstrated its commitment to its stated values through policies and people. What if there was an event where everyone was welcome, where neither money or mobility was a barrier to entry. What if money couldn’t buy a better seat? What if everyone could come and expect to have a great time, without being harassed? Sounds incredible, right? We thought so too, so we built it. Our company will run events differently.

Escape (from events “as usual”)

Instead of a money first approach, we’ve incorporated the values of the organizers and performers to build policies that focus on three things: Equality, Safety, and Community (ESC).


We believe in equal access for everyone and we’re demonstrating those beliefs through our event policies. At this event, there are no pricing tiers. Every seat is the same price no matter where it’s located because at this event money doesn’t buy access. We’re not selling the best seats to the highest bidder. Instead, the best seats go to the most active members of the community because they will see the ticket sale announcement first.

We don’t have higher prices to give access to give better access to those who can afford it. Instead we have free tickets and financial assistance to give access to those who can’t afford it.

Everyone is welcome regardless of their social or economic status, political beliefs, appearance, expression, or ability. But saying everyone is welcome isn’t enough. We’re reaching out to diverse local communities, community colleges, and other organizations to bring people to the event who are not yet part of the cryptocurrency community but would like to be.

We select venues that are accessible for people who need assistance. Our first venue, a theater, has 8 designated wheelchair friendly spaces sprinkled throughout the seating area and those tickets are free. We’ve reserved adjacent seats for friends and caregivers, they’ll need to buy a ticket. We’ve also held some additional seats for those needing mobility or other assistance as well.

Please contact us if you need assistance at tickets@aantonop.events


We take safety seriously and we aim to create a safe space for all, including snowflakes. We will not tolerate harassing behavior; predators and instigators, You’ve been warned (and you should stay home). We have adopted a code of conduct. More than that, we’ll actually enforce it. At every event we designate a conduct officer, who has the authority to throw anyone out, for bad behavior, including the performers, organizers and staff.

If you get thrown out, you definitely won’t get a refund and you might get publicly shamed. So don’t.


We work with the most active meetup groups and cryptocurrency communities in each city, to help them build community. We donate a portion of net profits to community groups, artists and student groups. We work with local independent booksellers and the crypto community to sell merchandise (“merch”) like books and commemorative t-shirts, offered at wholesale prices so the local community keeps the profits. 

Quid non pro (Reverse Sponsorship)

Most events ask corporations for financial sponsorship and in exchange that company gets their logo plastered everywhere, stage time, and often access to the event mailing list.  Gross! 

Instead, we’re fronting the money for the event and will cover costs with ticket sales. We’ve also set aside some of the budget to sponsor attendees who would absolutely attend the event, if only they had the money to do so. Super fans with mini funds. The event will be better with you there, so don’t be afraid to ask.